New Launching of YouTube Premium In Pakistan 

Youtube is a vast platform that provides varieties of entertainment-related Programs, Tv shows, vlogs, and many more. Youtube helps us to know and connect to many new peoples. In Pakistan, Youtube is also a source of Bread earnings for many houses. Other than Youtube there is also another thing known as Youtube Premium.

What is Youtube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a membership that you bought and it offers an unlimited ad-free viewing experience on YouTube. This is told by an online streaming company that if you buy YouTube Premium then what you will get?

Launching of YouTube Premium In Pakistan

YouTube has announced that they are also launching Youtube Premium and Youtube Music in Pakistan.

Benefits of YouTube Premium

  • A user can enjoy ad-free programs
  • A student can listen to their lectures without any interruption 
  • A user can download their favorite movies for the long flight with limited access
  • A user can use a Multi-Tasking app while playing YouTube Premium in the background.

YouTube Music 

YouTube Premium comes along with YouTube music. YouTube Music is a streaming app that offers an unimaginable listening experience. This app provides a user with a wide range of new hit songs, albums, live performances, and many more.

Benefits of YouTube premium 

  1. A user can watch any program without any ads same is the case in Music Youtube Premium.
  2. A user can stay connected to what he/she loves to listen to without any interruption 
  3. A user can download a full album to which he/she loves to listen.
  4. A user can get connected to what’s new automatically

Statement of Google Director Of Pakistan 

Farhan S Qureshi Google Director of Pakistan said that in Pakistan there are a huge number of people who use YouTube as a business platform.

According to the reports 

Over 400 channels have more than 1 million subscribers in Pakistan which is an increase of over 35% over a year. And more than 6,000 channels have more than 100k subscribers which is approximately an increase of 30% over a year. The director said that this report makes him even more excited that the journey of Youtube Perimum will be more exciting than it looks and Youtube Premium and Youtube Music Premium will also help the Pakistani Youtuber to grow their audience even more.

Different Rates of YouTube Premium

  1. A user can have YouTube Premium For a Single person in RS499 per month, with a membership to Youtube Premium.
  2.   A user can buy a whole Family package of Youtube Premium for RS899 per month and it can be shared with 5 Family Members.
  3. Eligible students can also allow YouTube premium for RS 329.

Rates of YouTube Premium Music

  • Single Youtube Music Premium is available for RS 299.
  • Family Youtube Music Premium is available for RS 497
  • Student Youtube Music Premium is available for RS 149

You can Download YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium from the Google Play Store and From the IOS App Store.

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