Why Electricity Bill is too High this Month in Pakistan?

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High Electricity Bills can be a cause of frustration and depression for many people, especially for the people who earn their bread on daily hard work. If you are in Pakistan and you notice a surprisingly higher change in your bill then you are not alone recently every Pakistani is going through the same thing. 

PM’s Emergency Meeting in Reduction of Electricity Bill

 People Protested after they received a high amount of electricity bill. Because of these protests PM called out an emergency meeting on the matter of high electricity bills. Another round of meetings will be held today (On Monday).In Today’s session, the interim premier gave the details of the high electricity bill since July 2023.

PM’s Statement on High Electricity Bill

  • Addressing the meeting PM Kakar said “He will not take any step that will harm the country, 
  • He said that he would take measures that would not burden the people and would facilitate the consumer. The Prime Minister further says that 
  • “It is not possible that while the people face difficulties, high-ranked officials and the prime minister continue to consume free electricity paid for with the taxes people pay.”
  • The Prime Minister also asked for the details of those who were being provided free electricity.
  • I represent the common man,” he said, pledging that measures would be implemented to minimize electricity consumption at the PM House and Pak Secretariat. For that, he added, “Even if the air conditioner in my room has to be turned off, do it.

Protest on High Electricity Bill this Month in Pakistan 

Because of Serval reason electricity bills are so high this month in Pakistan and these high Bills lead people to protest outside the companies providing electricity. In different cities in Pakistan, people protested and the electricity companies asked for protection from the police. In front of their offices, people burned their bills. The Peshawar Electricity Company (PESCO) asked police for help because people were protesting against the high electricity bills.

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