Which two iPhone models’ value is going to be dropped in the coming week?

In the fast-paced world of technology, change is a constant. Apple enthusiasts and smartphone users worldwide are buzzing with anticipation as rumors circulate about an imminent price drop for two iPhone models. Set to take place next week, this development could potentially reshape the landscape of affordable premium smartphones.

New Models of Apple 

Everyone knows that Apple is releasing its advanced software iOS17.

Dropping the price of which two models 

After the release of new software, the value of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is going to be dropped. The reason behind their value drop is that both models are excluded from this new software update. The exclusion has prompted technology experts to recommend the prompt sale or trade-in of these models. 

How Much reduction is going to be done?

A 50% reduction in the market value of the iPhone 8 and in the iPhone X is expected. The advanced software will encompass enhancements in security, aesthetics, and usability upgrades to their redesigned contact cards, the introduction of standby mode, customizable quick info display, and some other updates will also be done.


The move is not just a testament to Apple’s adaptability to market dynamics, but also a reflection of its commitment to offering premium technology to a broader audience. The smartphone landscape is about to witness a shift, and consumers looking for high-quality devices at more reasonable price points are in for a treat. Stay tuned for the official announcement next week, as the world watches how this decision impacts the smartphone market and its users

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