US Statement for India on Manipur’s Victims 


Recently a video went viral about the two girls being assaulted and marched naked in northeastern India. This video left the world in shock at what is happening in India. This assault case happened back from 2 months ago. This is a sexual assault case that illegally happened in Manipur. India, a country known for its vibrant culture and rich heritage, has been shaken by a disturbing case of sexual assault in the state of Manipur. The emergence of viral videos depicting heinous acts of violence against women has not only shocked the nation but has also drawn international attention, with the United States expressing deep concern over the matter.

Why has this type of Assault happened in Manipur?

A horrible and terrible incident took place in Manipur when a group of people assaulted 2 young girls aged 19,21. They were marched naked on the roads of Manipur and after that, they were illegally gang-raped. These were the outcome of clashes going on between two tribals Kuki tribal and Meitei tribal because of some potential changes that give benefits to the Kuki tribal.

According to the sources:

This trouble was made because the quelled New Dehli rushed thousands of paramilitary and army troops to the state of 3.2 million people. But sporadic violence and killings resumed soon afterward and the state has remained tense since. 

The result of this violence 

This violence resulted in the death of 125 people and approximately more than 40,000 people left their homes after the violence.

Support for Victims:

Beyond expressing concern and demanding accountability, the US has also offered support and assistance to India in addressing the root causes of gender-based violence. Collaborative efforts between the two countries can help improve mechanisms for the protection of women’s rights, promote gender equality, and strengthen community-based initiatives to prevent such atrocities from occurring in the future.


The viral videos depicting sexual assaults in Manipur have not only horrified the people of India but have also drawn deep concern from the United States and the international community. It is imperative for the Indian government to take swift action to investigate these incidents, hold perpetrators accountable, and ensure the safety and dignity of all its citizens, particularly women. This case should serve as a catalyst for India to redouble its efforts to combat gender-based violence, promote gender equality, and strengthen its legal framework to protect the rights of women. Through international cooperation and collaborative efforts, we can collectively strive to create a world where women can live free from fear, violence, and injustice.

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