Pakistani Team Reached India For Asian Championship

As field hockey enthusiasts eagerly await the Asian Champions Trophy 2023, teams from across the continent are gearing up to showcase their prowess on the turf. Among them, Pakistan stands as a formidable contender with a rich history in the sport. In this blog, we’ll delve into Pakistan’s prospects, their schedule, and the key players who will be donning the green jerseys.

Green Jerseys went to India

Pakistani players got a green signal and went to India for the Asian Champion Trophy 2023 The match is going to be held in Chennai India. Pakistani team arrived in India via the Wagha border in Amritsar and Lahore. They went to Chennai via Bengaluru.

Pakistan’s preparation against different teams 

The green team said that before coming to India they had practiced hard on their ground so that they could beat every team and can bring the trophy to their country. Umer Bhutta will lead the national men’s hockey team and Waheed Ashraf will serve as a deputy in the Asian Champions Trophy. Matches will be started on August 3. The First Match will be against Malaysia. The Big Game will be on August 9 against India.

Schedule Of Asian Champion Trophy

  • On August 3 it will be Pakistan Verse Malaysia 
  • On August 4 it will be Pakistan Verse Korea
  • On August 6 it will be Pakistan Verse Japan
  • On August 7 it will be Pakistan Verse China
  • On August 9 it will be Pakistan Verse India  

Pakistan’s Team Member 

 Goal Keeper

Akmal Hussain and Abdullah Ishtiaq Khan are the Goalkeepers


Best players Mohammad Abdullah, Aqeel Ahmed, Mohammad Sufyan Khan, Mohammad Shahzaib Khan, and Afraz, are in Defenders 


Arshad Liaquat, Ehtisham Aslam, Osama Bashir, Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Imad, Zakaria Hayat, and Mohammad Murtaza Yaqub are in the Midfilders.


Mohammad Umar Bhutta, Rana Abdul Waheed Ashraf, Abdul Hanan Shahid, and Roman are in the forwards 


Ali Raza, Muhammad Baqir, Muhammad Nadeem Khan, Abdul Wahab, Waqar Ali, Muhammad Arsalan, and Abdul Qayyum are stand-by players.


As Pakistan’s national field hockey team steps onto the turf for the Asian Champions Trophy 2023, fans and enthusiasts alike will be glued to their screens, eager to witness the magic of this sport. With a rich history behind them and a promising lineup of players, Pakistan’s campaign is set to captivate the hearts of field hockey fans around the world. Let the games begin, and may the best team emerge victorious!

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