Iraqi Girl Respons to Sweden on Burning Holy Quran

A piece of news that went viral and got the attention of many Muslim countries. The burning of the Noble Book of Muslims took place in Swedish and people name that act as freedom of speech. Because of that incident, many Muslim countries banned Swedish products and brands.

Iraqi Girl’s Response 

Because the burning of the Holy Quran has happened in Swedish, different types of protests were done against Swedish ad different types of Reactions came against Sweden. Recently a video on a social media platform went viral where we can see an Iraqi girl burning her Sweden passport in the form of a protest. Holy Quran is the most Noble and important book in the religion of Islam and Muslims have a special place for that book in their hearts.

What that Iraqi girl is saying in her video?

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In her Language, that girl is saying that she is from Iraq. She has her Swedish passport and she is going to burn that passport in front of the camera likewise their sacred book was burned in Swedish in front of the whole world. With the burning of the passport, she also said that she would never visit Sweden ever again in her life.

The Cycle of Reaction

The act of burning a passport as a counter-response reveals a complex cycle of reactions. While it may be an attempt to mirror the perceived disrespect, such actions can unintentionally escalate tensions and create a vicious cycle of retaliation. Constructive dialogue and understanding are crucial in breaking this cycle and fostering an environment where differences can be addressed respectfully.


The incident of the Iraqi blogger burning her Swedish passport in response to the Quran burning in Sweden underscores the complex interplay of freedom of expression, cultural sensitivity, and global communication. It serves as a reminder that actions, especially those with symbolic weight, have consequences that go beyond their initial intent. As a global community, it’s essential that we engage in meaningful dialogue, respecting differing perspectives while promoting empathy and understanding. Only through such efforts can we move towards a world that values both the freedom to express ideas and the sensitivity to cultural and religious beliefs

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