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You never know what’s happening behind the closed door. Behind the closed doors of some households lies a harrowing reality that often remains hidden from the world. In Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, a shocking incident of maid torture has recently come to light, sending shockwaves through society. The case involves a teenage victim who faced unspeakable cruelty while working as a domestic worker. In a step towards seeking justice, the Islamabad police have recorded the brave young girl’s statement, shedding light on the dark corners of domestic worker abuse.

A Cry for Help

The incident came to the forefront when a concerned citizen noticed signs of abuse on a young girl who appeared frail and frightened. Upon further inquiry, it was revealed that she worked as a maid in a household in Islamabad. The concerned citizen immediately reported the matter to the authorities, leading to a much-needed investigation into the teenager’s circumstances. The teenage victim’s statement was the key to understanding the gravity of the situation and uncovering the horrifying abuse she endured during her time as a domestic worker. According to reports, she was subjected to physical and emotional torment, deprived of basic necessities, and forced to work excessively long hours without any respite. The case has sparked outrage among the public, highlighting the urgent need to protect the rights and well-being of domestic workers in Pakistan.

Medical Report of The Girl

According to the girl’s Medico Legal Certificate [MLF] it has been confirmed that she has gone through many injuries in her body because of the torture she had gone through. According to the reports she had she had “laceration on the head from the vertex, on the forehead, right side above eyebrow, swollen upper lips, laceration under upper lip on right side, broken left incisor and left canine, laceration on check, nose bleed, laceration on left side of vertex, multiple bruises on lower leg, fracture on right forearm, swollen left and right eyelids, bruise on right skull, laceration on back, multiple bruises on back and attempt on strangulation. These injuries were confirmed by [MLF]. 

Authorities Reaction 

After submitting the FIR the police arrested the judge’s wife. Islamabad police registered the first information on the 26th of July. Police booked the judge’s wife but they didn’t mention the physical torture in the FIR. On Thursday the Lahore High Court granted the protective bail to the judge’s wife till 1 August. In a tweet, the Islamabad police said that the statement of both father and daughter statement has been submitted but the medical report has not been received yet. The police confirmed that all the people involved in this case were being investigated according to the child labor crime law. Under the Anti-Rape (Investigation and Trial) Act 2021, the investigation is being conducted by the relevant police station rather than the investigation wing’s Special Sexual Offence Investigation Unit. According to the law, the SSOIU investigates offenses against juveniles. Despite raids in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Gujranwala, the police team failed to arrest the accused, the officer said, adding that supervisory officers were informed that the accused obtained a pre-arrest bail. After being informed about the bail, the team was requested to meet the girl and her family in Lahore, according to the officer, who added that the team met the family at a hospital and recorded their statements.

SAPM’S Reaction 

  • On speaking the matter to the media today the Special Assistance to the Prime Minister[SAPM]
  • On Youth Affairs Shiza Fatima Kawajha asked the police to improve the FIR. She reassured this that the government is standing with the girl and with her parents.
  • She said that it was illegal to hire a domestic servant below the age of 15. She also said that being this cruel to a living being that the girl has to end up in the hospital is not a sign of a normal mental state.
  • In addition, Khawaja regretted that preemptive bail had been granted to the suspect.
  • The bail (bond) should not have been given … everyone should be treated equally before the law and by the courts … we should save anyone who is being arrested illegally,” she said.
  • Shaza visited the girl at the hospital today and met her family, according to a statement on the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme Twitter account.
  • SAPM issued directives to police after her parents said that they were continually threatened, adding that she wanted the case to be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Khawaja also directed that the National Commission on the Rights of Child should provide complete assistance in the case.

Details of The Case 

The case was registered in the Humkna police station by the girl’s father who is a laborer by profession. The details of the FIR say that the girl’s father used to end her girl for household work in the judge’s house for 10,000 rupees monthly salary. One day he, his wife, and his brother-in-law came to visit the girl and they found them in the worst condition. Her eyes her lips were swollen. one of her teeth was broken. Her left ribs were broken. Her face was covered with injuries and her head was bleeding also. According to the FIR, the girl was detained in a room since she arrived at the house, tortured and beaten with batons and spoons daily by the judge’s wife. Later, the family took her to the Sargodha DHQ hospital where the girl’s condition deteriorated and was then referred to Lahore.


The Islamabad maid torture case serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address domestic worker abuse and protect the rights of these vulnerable individuals. The recording of the teenage victim’s statement is a step towards seeking justice, but the journey does not end there. It is incumbent upon all of us, as members of society, to demand better treatment and working conditions for domestic workers and to create an environment where abuse and exploitation are not tolerated. By standing together, we can bring about lasting change and ensure that no one else suffers the same fate as the brave teenager in this tragic case.

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